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Here are some great books and items to help you to help you become the best version of yourself, answer questions about your faith, and go deeper into your prayers life.  Each of these books are something will enjoy and grow in the happiness you were made for. 

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A book for deacons and for anyone who has ever wondered about the diaconate (what it is, how it came about in the Church, and what is their purpose in the Church). This book contains the history, spirituality, and function of the deacon in the 21st century.

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Excellent Chapter on Discernment!!!  If you are looking for a pathway to happiness, meaning in life, and a way to discover who you are; Pope John Paul II tells us that God has an answer for you. Better yet, God has put this answer right in our very bodies. So come on a journey to discover the person that God has made you to be.

Who Am I-Theology of the Body in Prayer.

If you want to know how Theology of the Body aligns with prayer as well as understand how growth or prayer leads to a fulfillment of our humanity, this book is a must read!  Read and discover who you are and the person God is calling you to be!

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Apologetics Powerhouse!!!!  This book is for anyone who ever wanted to defend Christ and the Church, but could never find the words or for those who always wondered why the Faith teaches certain things. It is the second of the Apologetics for the 21st Century series focusing on the virtue of Faith.  Topics involve Defending the Blessed Sacrament, Scripture with Tradition, Historical Attacks on the Church, Ways to Defend the Faith Against Atheism, explains the Church's teachings on marriage, and more!

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IF you have ever wondered about how to say the Liturgy of the Hours; this book is for you. In a short, concise way, the author shows the historical and theological background for the Liturgy of the Hours, but also the nuts and bolts of how to say them. This book is a must have for anyone who has ever wondered how to get into the heart of the Liturgy of the Hours and thus the heart of the Church and Christ.


Great Chapter on Suffering!!!  So many people are unhappy with their lives and cannot understand their sufferings. This book will help them to understand and show them the way to grasp the keys to sanctity and happiness.

On Evangelization for the 21st Century.j

Great Chapter on Approaching Spreading the Faith and how to do it for various groups and ages!!!  It shows love compliments the virtues of Faith and Hope as well as how to do this in a loving way. It is a must read for all those who wish to be effective in bringing people to the reality of God's love.

5 Minutes to Glory- Defending Mary.jpg

Tremendous Short Book defending and Explaining Devotion to Our Blessed Mother!!!! This book is directed toward non-Catholics, (but a tremendous read for Catholics who want to learn the reasons for their faith) to show that CATHOLICS DO NOT WORSHIP MARY.  It looks at the Scriptural, Historical, and Traditional aspects of Marian Devotion and Refutes Protestant Scholar Lorraine Boettner's view that Catholics "Worship Mary" (hence the name of the book).  

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