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Articles and Teachings About the 7 Sacraments

We can't love what we don't know.   So here are published articles and Apologetics on various topics of the faith. 

On the Sacraments



Why The Sacraments Part I (This explains why there are 7 Sacraments from Scripture)

Why The Sacraments Part II (Explains 4 Ways to View the 7 Sacraments)


Common questions about  Baptism:

1. Is Baptism Necessary?

2. Is Infant Baptism Scriptural?

3. How should we do baptism- in the name of Jesus or Trinity?

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Published Articles

Note:  Underlined articles are hyperlinked, articles without underline are only available in hardcopy

A Bold Message of Love (Homiletic & Pastoral Review)


Embracing Devotion To the Brown Scapular (Arlington Catholic Herald)

For Deacon Anthony, An Apostolate of Presence (Arlington Catholic Herald) 

Uniting Faith and Love in A New Pentecost (Arlington Catholic Herald)

Popes John Paul II And Benedict XVI: One Voice With One Answer To The Questions Of The World (Spirituality Today)

Venerable Pierre Touisaint: A Man, A Gift, An Inspiration (Arlington Catholic Herald)

Meet the Diaconate's Pioneers (Deacon Digest-July/August 2018)

I Want to Be A Saint Too (Catholic Match)

Getting to the Heart:  Gratitude, Servitude, and Attitude-On the Year of Mercy (Josephite Harvest)

Made For Freedom (Spirituality For Today)

Why Do Catholics Fast During Lent (Catholic Match)

What a Great Time to Rejoice: Praying the O Antiphons (Catholic Match)



Letter to Catechist (Catechist Magazine-Sept. 2015-Feb. 2016)

Mary's Immaculate Heart and the Peace of Christ (Arlington Catholic Herald)

Love: Marriage and Dating

Sacred Heart of Jesus (9).jpg

Dignity of Women

Miscarriage and Stillbirths: Grief, Trauma, and Recovery (Mind and Spirit: Integrating Psychology and Faith).


St. Pope John Paul II and Pope Francis are True Feminist (Catholic Match)

Finding God in Beauty and the Feminine Genius (Our Sunday Visitor Newsweekly-July 9-15, 2017 edition)

How To Walk with Families after a Miscarriage with Dr. Sabine Heisman (Deacon Digest-July/August 2019 edition)

Infertility, Miscarriage: Responding to the Heartache with Dr. Sabine Heisman (Liguorian Magazine-October 2019)

A Merciful Response To Miscarriage and Stillbirth with Dr. Sabine Heisman (Ethics and Medics, December 2018). 

Multi-cultural and Societal  Articles

Unity in Christ.jpg

A Bold Message of Love (Homiletic and Pastoral Review)

The Best Medicine for Racial Healing (Homiletic and Pastoral Review)

Touching God's Mercy (Black Catholic Ministries Newsletter, pp. 6-7)

Looking At The Stars: Homily About Our Lady of Guadalupe (Multicultural Newsletter)

Clearing Up "Blurred Lines" About "Same Love" (Catholic Match)

It's All in A Name: Healing the Issue of Racism Part I (Catholic Stand)

It's All in A Name:  Healing the Issue of Racism Part II (Catholic Stand)

A Renewed Look at Pastoral Freedom: Refocusing the United States on the Light of Christ (Homiletic and Pastoral Review)


Being Critical of Critical Race Theory (Crisis magazine)

The Lay Apostolate: A Great  Resolution for the New Year (Lay Witness Magazine-January 2008)

Why Priesthood? Would Preacher Suffice? (Immaculate Heart Messenger-Jan. 2007 )  

The Reason Women Can’t Be Priest (Immaculate Heart Messenger-July 2006).    

Catholics Who Misrepresent the Faith. (Immaculate Heart Messenger-April 2006).     

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